About us

Abundance Global's purpose

Our founder, ex-Royal Australian Navy Officer David Dugan, was deployed to Indonesia to provide aid after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Sadly, during this deployment nine members of the team David was leading were killed in a helicopter crash on Nias Island. David was supposed to be on the ill-fated flight; however, by chance he was on the ship’s second helicopter at the time of the crash. In the wake of this “sliding doors” moment, he was all-consumed by the need to make a profound impact on the world that he couldn't achieve in the Navy, and so Abundance Global (formerly Elite Enterprises Global) was founded in 2013. 

As the backbone of every economy, SME’s present the biggest opportunity to work together — under careful guidance — to make a huge impact on some of the biggest issues the world is facing. 

Our Vision

Inspiring people to do what they love, best

 Our Mission

Providing Outstanding Entrepreneurial Education, Insightful Mentorship and Abundance Mastery.

Abundance Global is an education, mentoring and support community for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs who desire to create intergenerational wealth for themselves and their communities
Our mission is to support one million socially-conscious entrepreneurs globally by 2027, including 500 who each contribute $500k to worthy causes.

Our Goal
For every Business Owner to achieve Business Owner Joy. Business Owners give everything they have to their businesses yet don’t earn the money they deserve, have the time they want and make the impact they desire in the world. We believe that every Business Owner should wake up each day and receive this. Our Business Owner Joy model is our guiding compass and demonstrates the importance of Time, Wealth and Impact as being intrustremental ‘levers’ to Abundant Joy for Business Owners.

Again, it is fantastic to have you on the journey with us and we look forward to seeing you and your business prosper.

We hope you are as excited as we are!